About Us

GODLY FINANCIAL is a marketing and consulting industry located at 243 Northfield drive east Waterloo. Godly Financial is a company that does the back end of the business when it comes to the accounting and finances budgeting, we also do credit repair to improve the credit score so they can get a house or a car, we have our own credit cards, income taxes services, investment such as stocks bonds etc. Accounting services keep track of income, expenses, taxes, and other financial-related information for organizations and individuals of all types. Accounting services are in-demand for good reason. Professional accountants provide business owners and individuals with a clear picture of their finances, implementation of tax mitigation strategies, and all sorts of other financial benefits for clients

A good way to implement a good plan is to have a clear idea of what the products and services would be offered in the business establishment. This particularly goes to the root of the business. Here at GODLY FINANCIAL, we will be actively involved in providing quality, professional and affordable services to our target audience. The price range of our products will vary depending on the clients’ custom needs. GODLY FINANCIAL will be known for exceptional customer service. Our potential employees will have the excellent product knowledge and will be trained on the necessary information of each of our services to guide customers to patronage

Our SERVICES AND core values

At GODLY FINANCIAL, we understand the need to be flexible and responsive, to satisfy our clients by offering them what they want, when they want it, and before the competition can deliver it.